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“Brian Griffin is not “just what the doctor ordered”, he’s the Physical Therapist you wish for. Brian’s professionalism and compassion were immediately apparent. Brian did not only acknowledge my injuries, but outlined an individual treatment plan including my own personal goals. I was able to return to sports secure and confident. I highly recommend Brian as an amazing Physical Therapist. His standards are inspiring. He is the best!!”>

-Betsy Kreymer

“As my injuries were unique and complex (a meniscal transplant of the right knee and a suprascapular nerve palsy), Julie and Brian managed to do something several other therapists were unable to; they located and identified the source of my pain, fixed it, and even helped build my conditioning back. Instead of guessing as to what the problem was, Julie and Brian thought outside of the box and treated my symptoms successfully and I am certain that their knowledge and utilization of various techniques helped accelerate my recovery by several weeks. I had a personalized exercise program to follow on-line which was really helpful. The expertise, knowledge and professionalism shown by Julie and Brian have been excellent and their efficient and courteous manner is greatly appreciated!”

-Julio Dones-Rogers

“I had a total knee replacement in July, 2013. I completed 12 weeks of physical therapy with Brian Griffin. Brian was professional, skilled, and caring in approaching my rehabilitation with me. He instructed me with exercises there, and self-directed at home, that helped me regain strength and ROM. I have achieved my goals of being back on the tennis courts and able to hike again. Thank you, Brian.”

-Marcia Hayes

“At an early age I suffered from a neuromuscular disease whose main symptoms included extreme muscle weakness. Frequent falls were common and ensuing pain endured especially as I tried to live a normal life. For nearly a decade, I visited neurologists, physicians, orthopedics, and physical therapists. In each and every case, the medical practitioner dismissed my pain and weakness to the disease even as I expressed pain and discomfort what I knew to be beyond the disease. Nearly a decade and scores of physicians later, I finally met Julie Griffin who undoubtedly changed my life forever. Her intellectual curiosity and superiority was immediately apparent: I noticed how attentively she listened, taking notes and acknowledging her interest in engaging in research; research that no other physician ever bothered to do despite me having one of the rarest of neuromuscular diseases. She explained that despite my disease and everything I had been told, the pain and weakness resulting from years of wear and tear could and should be addressed. Her customized treatments both to heal and strengthen made an immediate impact. Over many years of therapy and despite setbacks from a complicated disease, Julie never gave up and matched my ambition to improve. She was always looking to develop her methods and never satisfied with status quo. Nearly a year after beginning treatment with Julie and to the surprise of my neurologists, physicians and even myself, I completed a seemingly unattainable life goal: a sprint triathlon. It was my single greatest accomplishment and it was without a doubt all the result of the care, treatment and inspiration provided by Julie. It is no wonder I continued to see her for nearly three years, with each visit improving in strength, health and hope. She became much more than just a physical therapist; to me she gave me something no one could ever have, a sense of normalcy. Although she has since left Florida to begin what will undoubtedly be a successful private practice, she left me with the physical ability to continue to care for my wife and son, something that before was truly in doubt. In a world of so many uncertainties, it is great to have someone that you can unequivocally count on to give you her all. I have absolutely no doubt that she will bring a type of care and comfort unattainable anywhere else.”

-David Cruz